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What is your current lead time?


Since all of our holsters are considered custom (Unless listed on our quick ship page) they require 3-4 weeks to be made. All of our holsters are made on a first come first serve bases.




What is the status of my order?

You will receive 3 emails from us during the process. One email to confirm your order. Next you will receive an email when your order is processing which is when your order is being put into the system for shipping. Lastly you will receive an email providing you with the details of your shipment including your tracking number. Please refrain from emailing us asking where your order is. It holds up production by taking us away from the manufacturing process. We work very hard to keep your order in the advertised lead time window and more often than not the are shipped out sooner than expected.


Do you do rush orders?

No all of our orders are produced in the order they are received. 

Do you guys make holsters for "fill in the blank" particular firearm or weapon light setup?

If your gun and or gun/light combo is not in the drop down menu of our product page, we dont currently offer it.

I am local can I just come by and pickup my order?

I am local can bring my gun to you to use as a mold?

No. We are not open to the public, and we dont use guns to make holsters.



Will my holster still retain my gun if I take the weapon light off?

No. All of our light bearing holsters get the retention from the light itself.

Do you offer holsters for the Olight PL-Mini 2?

No. the sliding function of this light prevents of from guaranteeing proper fitment. Since we cant be positive of the position you choose, we are not confident in the fitment.

What length is your light bearing holsters cut to?

We cut our light bearing holsters to the length of the light if the light is longer than the slide. We do this for comfort reasons. It reduces hot spots from hard angles that will dig into your legs when carrying.

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