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        There are so many different holster options and features that it can be difficult to decide what works best for you. Here we will be explaining some differences between our holsters and the features that you can choose from. We will be adding more topics as they come up. If you need further assistant in choosing the best holster for you feel free to email us at


    We get a lot of questions asking us what the extension is that hangs off the side of the holster. Well it’s called a concealment claw. It helps hide the grip of the gun by applying pressure to the back side of your pants, which forces the grip closer to the body for better concealment. The picture below demonstrates the holster without (top) and with the claw added (bottom). 



    What’s a sweat guard? A sweat guard is just what it sounds like it prevents your skin from touching the back of the gun. There is no universal preference some like a high guard for total coverage, others don't want it at all. I recommend having some coverage for one specific reason, having it there helps with re holstering. It kind of acts like a guide for the gun to find its opening. I personally prefer a mid guard, I find it to be the most comfortable while still offering assistance when holstering your handgun. When ordering your holster you will be able to select your option for high mid or low sweat guard. Pictured below is all three options.


concealment wedge

    Our concealment wedge aids in comfort and concealment by providing pressure to the muzzle end of the holster which in turn pushes the grip closer to your body. This helps with smaller guns wanting to tip forward at the top, and it helps larger guns from digging into your body. They are made of rubber which helps to prevent the hard kydex digging into your leg when carrying appendix. The rounded soft edge creates a smooth comfortable surface for your holster to ride on. We don't recommend it for guns smaller than the Sig P365XL or Glock 48. Micro guns like the

Sig P365 , Sig p238, Glock 43 and Glock 42 may be to small to support the extra thickness that the wedge creates. If you still choose to order it based off of the info listed above it can be removed but it will have the mounting holes exposed.


Discreet CARRY Clips

    Discreet Carry Clips are a great upgrade to your inside the waist band holster. They are made from 10xx steel alloy purpose built for the clamping force that is required for heavy training sessions. They can be used with or without a belt, adding flexibility to your daily carry. These are a great option with one down fall, they can be difficult to get off your belt. They really do grab that well. They come in two configurations a single tuckable belt clip which can be added to our Flex Rig, V2 aiwb, Micro Rig, Pro Series Micro Rig and Tuckable iwb. The secound configuration is the Monoblock, a single wide unit that can be used to replace the traditional fomi belt clip this one can be added to our Standard holster line.

dcc over hook




iwb belt clip options

owb belt clip options

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